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1 Gb 64M X 16 DDR3 SDRAM 96 FBGA Comm Temp

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JEDEC Standard Compliant
Power supplies: VDD & VDDQ = +1.5V ± 0.075V
Operating temperature range: - Normal operating temperature: TC = 0 85°C - Extended temperature: TC = 85 95°C
Supports JEDEC clock jitter specification o Fully synchronous operation o Fast clock rate: 667/800/933MHz
Differential Clock, CK & CK#
Bidirectional differential data strobe - DQS & DQS#
8 internal banks for concurrent operation
8n-bit prefetch architecture
Pipelined internal architecture
Precharge & active power down
Programmable Mode & Extended Mode registers
Additive Latency (AL): 0, CL-1, CL-2
Programmable Burst lengths: 4, 8
Burst type: Sequential / Interleave
Output Driver Impedance Control
8192 refresh cycles / 64ms - Average refresh period 7.8µs @ 0°C ?TC? +85°C 3.9µs @ +85°C ?TC? +95°C
Write Leveling
ZQ Calibration
Dynamic ODT (Rtt_Nom & Rtt_WR)
RoHS compliant
Auto Refresh and Self Refresh
96-ball 9 x 13 x 1.2mm FBGA package - Pb and Halogen Free