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ASRAD-00-8600N | AMIC

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RoHS Compliant

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Ambient Light, Solar_UV_Index, IR and Proximity Sensor
Ambient Light (ALS) / IR Sensing
ALS closes to human-eye response (UV/IR rejection)
IR detecting spectrum in range of near Infrared
12 bits resolution with gain and integration time setting
ASC model with 16 bits dynamic range
Dynamic rang up to 400K lux under high intensity mode
Programmable high/low threshold interrupt
Solar_UV_Index Sensing
CIE Erythemal Action Spectrum weighted
11 indexes calculated by 8 bits dynamic output data
Proximity Sensing (PS)
Selectable light source of IR or Green
Wide range driving current of LED/LD, 2.5mA 300mA
Changeable PS pulse time from 0.05ms to 6.4ms
8 bits effective counts
Programmable high/low threshold interrupt
PS Offset to cancel crosstalk without dynamic range loss
PS Auto Trim function for precise distance detection
User trimming is capable for overlay correction
I2C digital Interface up to 400KHz with Interrupt Pin
Wait-time range from 0 to 7 seconds to save power
50/60Hz flicker noise rejection
VDD = 2.5V to 3.6V
Temperature compensation : -40C to +85C
Low Power consumption IALS 17uA, IPS 20uA
Package option
6-pin OCDFN (2mm x 2.5mm x 1.1mm)
All Pb-free (Lead-free) Products are RoHS2.0 Compliant