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AX11001LF | ASIX

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Microcontroller with TCP/IP and 10/100MFastEthernetMAC/PHY (Features 128K Flash,16GPIOs,LQFP-80)

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The AX11001, Single Chip Microcontroller with TCP/IP and 10/100M Fast Ethernet MAC/PHY, is a System-on-Chip (SoC) solution which offers a high performance embedded micro controller and rich communication peripherals for wide varieties of application which need access to the LAN or Internet. With built-in network protocol stack, the AX11001 provides very cost effective networking solution to enable simple, easy and low cost Internet connection capability for many applications such as consumer electronics, networked home appliances, industrial equipments, security systems, remote data collection equipments, remote control, remote monitoring and remote management. In addition to stand-alone application, the AX11001, with popular TCP/IP protocol suite on-chip and built-in I¦C bus or SPI bus, can be used as network co-processor to offload TCP/IP protocol processing loading from system CPU in an embedded system.


8-bit pipelined RISC, single cycle per instruction with maximum operating frequency of 100MHz (100 MIPS)
100% software compatible with standard 8051/80390
2 GPIO ports of 8 bits each
2 external interrupt sources with 2 priority levels
Supports power management unit, programmable watchdog timer and 3 16-bit timer/counters
Debug port for connecting to In-Circuit Emulation (ICE) adaptor
5 channels of Programmable Counter Array (PCA)
On-chip Program and Data Memory
Embeds 128K Flash memory without bank select and 16KB SRAM for program code mirroring
Supports initial Flash memory programming via UART or ICE adaptor, the so-called In System Programming (ISP)
Supports reprogrammable boot code and In Application Programming (IAP) to update run-time firmware or boot code through Ethernet or UART (US Patent Approval)
Embeds 32KB SRAM for data memory
Buffer Management
Embeds DMA engine and memory arbiter. Support 3 DMA channels for high performance data movement needed for network protocol stack processing
On-chip 10/100M Fast Ethernet MAC and PHY
Integrates IEEE 802.3 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX compatible Fast Ethernet MAC and PHY with dedicated 12KB SRAM for Ethernet packet buffering. Support full-duplex and half-duplex operations
Supports twisted pair crossover detection and auto-correction (Auto-MDIX)
Supports wakeup via Link-up, Magic packet, Wakeup frame or external input pin
Build in TCP/IP accelerator in hardware to improve network transfer throughput. Support IP/TCP/UDP/ICMP/IGMP checksum and ARP in hardware
Supports TCP, UDP, ICMP, IPv4, DHCP, BOOTP, ARP, DNS, SMTP, SNTP, uPNP, PPPoE and HTTP in software
Communication Interface
3 UART interface (with 1 supporting 921.6Kbps and Modem control)
I¦C interface (master and slave mode)
SPI/Micro wire interface (3 masters or 1 slave mode)
1-Wire controller interface (master mode)
10/100 Ethernet PHY interface
Supports network boot over Ethernet using BOOTP and TFTP
Integrates on-chip 3.3V to 1.8V voltage regulator and require single power supply of 3.3V only
Integrates on-chip oscillator and PLL. Require only one 25MHz crystal to operate
Integrates on-chip power-on reset circuit
80-pin LQFP RoHS package
Operating temperature: 0C to 70C