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AX68004LF | ASIX

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4-Port USB KVM Switch SoC

RoHS Compliant

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Product Info

  • Single chip microcontroller with 4-Port USB KVM Switch
  • CPU for Application
    • 8-bit pipelined RISC, single cycle per instruction operating up to 96MHz and 100% software compatible with standard 8051/80390
    • Supports power management unit with deep sleep mode, programmable watchdog timer, three 16-bit timer/counters, and millisecond timer
    • Supports CPU Debugger for connecting to In-Circuit Emulation (ICE) adaptor
    • Supports DMA Controller (7 DMA channels) and memory arbiter for fast data movement during USB protocol stack processing and peripheral communications
    • 1 external interrupt sources with 2 priority levels
  • Program/Data and Flash Memory
    • On-chip 8KB SRAM for CPU program code mirroring
    • Supports In-System Programming (ISP) for initial Flash memory programming via UART or ICE adaptor
    • Supports reprogrammable boot code and In-Application Programming (IAP) to update boot code or run-time firmware through USB or UART interface
    • On-chip 32KB data memory for CPU and packet buffering
    • On-chip 128KB Flash memory for CPU program code
    • On-chip 1KB Flash Information Page for Hardware Configuration
    • Supports Page architecture for flash erase
    • Minimum 100,000 flash program/erase cycles
    • Minimum 10 years flash data retention
  • USB Interfaces
    • Supports 4 multi-addressable Device Controllers and compliant with USB Spec 2.0 Full speed
    • Build-in one USB host controller and one USB root hub that supports four downstream ports and each compliant with USB2.0 Full/Low speed
    • Supports Control, Bulk, Interrupt, and Isochronous transfer types
    • Supports controllable D+ pull-up resistance for upstream ports
    • Supports controllable D+/- pull-down resistance for downstream ports
    • Supports Burst mode transfer for BULK data transfer in Device Controller
    • Supports the downstream SOF synchronization with selected upstream port for ISO data transfer automatically
  • Peripheral Communication Interfaces
    • 2 UART interface (1 supporting DMA mode, Modem control, remote wake-up and up to 921.6Kbps baud)
    • 2 High Speed SPI interface with DMA mode (1 master and 1 slave mode)
    • 5 I²C interface with DMA mode (1 master with EDID Console and 4 slave mode with EDID Slave)
    • 2 PS/2 Host interfaces
    • Up to 4 GPIO ports of 8 bits each (Supports 2 GPIO ports with de-bounce and interrupt function)
    • Programmable Buzzer function
  • Supports KVM switch functions in software
    • Controls 4 computers from a single console
    • Supports PS/2 keyboard/mouse and USB keyboard/mouse
    • Supports keyboard and mouse emulation for error-free booting
    • USB device in console is transparent to computers that support most gaming/multimedia keyboards and multifunction mouse
    • Mouse sample rate on both of downstream and upstream ports is the same
    • Supports DDC (Display Data Channel) emulation and stores the console monitor's EDID (Extended Display Identification Data)
    • Four computers can share four USB downstream ports in console
    • Supports maximum 7 USB devices in console, including HID, HUB, MSC and Audio Class
    • Supports touch screen, writing pad, and touch pad devices
    • Supports push buttons and hot keys switching
    • Supports auto-scan mode for monitoring PC operation
  • Integrates on-chip oscillator and 96MHz PLL to operate with external 12MHz crystal
  • Integrates on-chip power-on reset circuit
  • 100-pin LQFP RoHS compliant package
  • Operating temperature range: 0 to +70°C