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AgileSwitch Silicon Carbide (SiC) Gate Drivers provide monitoring and fault reporting information to enable better control and analysis of SiC MOSFET-based power systems. The drivers are pre-programmed for optimal performance, with the option to tune them via software.

Key Features
Isolated Temperature Monitoring, PWM
Isolated High Voltage Monitoring, PWM
RoHs and UL compliant design
Interface for 3.3V, 5V or 15V logic levels
Gate drive voltage +18V/-4V
Peak gate current +/-15A
7 unique Fault Conditions
Ideal for 1200V/ 1700V SiC Power Modules
Optional Programmable Parameters
2-Level Turn-Off
Multi-Level Shutdown (Patent Pending)
Power supply under-voltage lockout (UVLO)
Power supply over-voltage lockout (OVLO)
Desaturation detection settings
Dead time
Fault lockout settings
Automatic Reset settings
AgileSwitch Benefits
Very low RG (External)
Higher efficiency
Lower Ringing
Lower Vds overshoot

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