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Driver (HS&LS, half bridge) - CSOIC28 package

RoHS Compliant

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General Description

CHT-HYPERION is a high-side and lowside driver for power N-channel MOSFETs in DC-DC converters and electric motor control.

With typical on-resistances of 1?, both outputs can drive 1nF loads with 40ns propagation delays and 15ns transition times at 200°C. An adaptive non-overlap circuit reduces switching losses by preventing MOSFET's cross-conduction. The bootstrapped high-side floating driver can sustain boost voltages up to 50V.

An under-voltage lockout function holds the high-side switch off until the driver has sufficient voltage for proper operation. A crowbar input turns on the low-side driver independently of the input signal, and a lowside disable pin allows operation in nonsynchronous mode. An OE pin enables the operation of both high- and low-side drivers.

Fast rise and fall times
Output peak current in excess of 1A
Floating High-side driver sustain boost voltages of up to 50 V
Integrated High-Side Bootstrap Diode
All-in-one synchronous buck driver
Adaptive non-overlap circuit
Output enable control
Low-side driver disabling
Crowbar control
Under voltage lockout (UVLO)
Validated at 225°C for 43800 hours (CDIL28) and 20000 hours (CSOIC28) (and still on-going)
Operational from -55°C to +225°C (Tj)
DC-DC Converters and Electric Motor Control for Oil&Gas, Industrial, Aerospace & Automotive