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RoHS Compliant

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Product Info

MCS9901CV-CC is a single lane multifunction PCI express to I/O controller. It supports two serial ports, one parallel port and six GPIO's. MCS9901CV-CC also provides an option for peripheral expansion through proprietary Cascade interface. The generic cascade interface allows interconnecting with similar chips like MCS9900, MCS9950 to expand the peripheral ports. The serial ports are compatible with RS232, RS422 & RS485 standards and supports throughput from 50bps to 16Mbps. Parallel Port is compatible with IEEE 1284 and supports Nibble, Byte, SPP, ECP, and EPP modes. All the GPIO pins are programmable and can be used as Input or Output. An I²C interface is provided to configure MCS9901CV-CC device options through an external EEPROM.


PCI Express
Single-lane (X1) PCI Express End-point Controller with integrated PHY
Compliant with PCI Express Base Specification, Revision 1.1
Compliant with PCI Express Card Specifications
Supports three PCI Express functions
Supports auto completion of configuration requests
Supports built in flow control
Supports Message TLP (Error) generation
Supports integrated time out handling of Non-posted request
Supports both legacy and MSI Interrupt
Supports PCIe Power Management
Serial Port
Two 16C450 / 550 / Extended 550 / 650 / Enhanced Mode compatible UARTs
Supports RS232, RS422 & RS485 modes
Bi-directional speeds from 50 bps to 16 Mbps per port
Full Serial Modem Control
Supports Hardware, Software Flow Control
Supports 5, 6, 7, 8 bit Serial format
Supports Even, Odd, None, Space and Mark parity
Supports Custom baud rate by programming internal PLL or external clock
Supports On Chip 256 Byte depth FIFOs in Transmit, Receive path of each Serial Port
Supports remote wakeup and power management features
Serial Port transceiver shutdown support
Supports Slow IrDA mode (up to 115200bps) on all Serial Ports
Parallel Port
Compatible with IEEE 1284
Nibble Mode
Byte Mode
Enhanced Parallel Port (EPP 1.9)
Extended Capability Port (ECP)
FIFO mode (Buffered SPP mode)
Cascade : MCS9901CV-CC supports a 13-Pin proprietary interface to connect to other ASIX devices for IO expansion. Through this interface, MCS9901CV-CC can be used as Cascade Secondary device and can be connected to Cascade Primary capable ASIX Devices like MCS9900. Eg. MCS9901CV-CC can be connected to MCS9900, for following product configurations.
PCIe to 6 Serial Ports and 1 Parallel Port
PCIe to 4 Serial Ports and 2 Parallel Ports
General Device Features
I²C interface for EEPROM
EEPROM read / write through PCIe Interface
Six bi-directional multi-function GPIO lines
On chip oscillator
Power supply : 1.2V, 3.3V
Operating Temperature : 0 to +70C

Electrical Characteristics

JESD-30 Code S-PQFP-G128
Number of Terminals 128
Operating Temperature-Max 85
Operating Temperature-Min 0
Package Body Material PLASTIC/EPOXY
Package Code QFP
Package Equivalence Code QFP128,.64SQ,16
Package Shape SQUARE
Package Style FLATPACK
Power Supplies 1.2,3.3
Qualification Status Not Qualified
Sub Category Bus Controllers
Surface Mount YES
Temperature Grade OTHER
Terminal Form GULL WING
Terminal Pitch .4
Terminal Position QUAD