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Single RS485 isolated transceiver module, 3.3V

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TD521D485, the main function is to convert the logic level to the RS485 protocol differential level, to achieve signal isolation; is an integrated IC technology to achieve the power isolation, signal isolation, RS485 communication and bus protection in one of the RS485 Protocol transceiver module. The product comes with constant pressure isolation power supply, can achieve 2500VDC electrical isolation. Products can be easily embedded in the user equipment, so that equipment can easily achieve RS485 protocol network connection.


Integr ated high efficiency isolated DC/DC converter
Two- port isolation (2.5kVDC)
High baud rate up to 19.2kbps
Operating temperature range: -40°C to +85°C
The bus is able to support 64 nodes at maximum
Set isolation and ESD bus protection in one
EN60950 approval

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