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Body Breadth
Body Height
Body Length or Diameter
Coil Operate Voltage(DC)
Coil Power
Coil Release Voltage(DC)
Coil Resistance
Coil Voltage(DC)-Max
Coil Voltage-Nom
Contact AC Max Power Rating R Load
Contact AC Max Rating R Load
Contact Current(AC)-Max
Contact Current(DC)-Max
Contact DC Max Power Rating R Load
Contact DC Max Rating R Load
Contact Resistance
Contact Voltage(AC)-Max
Contact Voltage(DC)-Max
Contact/Output Supply Type
Dielectric Strength Between Coil and Contacts
Dielectric Strength Between Open Contacts
Electrical Life
End Contact Material
End Contact Plating
IHS ObjectID
Insulation Resistance
Number of Terminals
Operate Time
Operating Temperature-Max
PCB Hole Count
Physical Dimension
Reference Standard
Relay Form
Relay Function
Release Time
Terminal Length
Termination Type
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Mfr: panasonic
6950 Buy Now!
Mfr: panasonic
Electromechanical Relay, SPDT,62.4VDC(Coil),360mW(Coil), 5A (Contact),30VDC(Contact),Random, AC/DCOutput 1300 Buy Now!
Mfr: panasonic
1 Form A 5A power relay 900 Buy Now!
Mfr: panasonic
Power Field-Effect Transistor,59AI(D),60V,0.0111ohm,1-Element,N-Channel,Silicon,Metal-oxideSemiconductor FET,MO-235 0 Buy Now!
Mfr: panasonic
CM Series 20 A SPDT 12 VDC Micro-ISO Inner Resistor Plug-In Automotive Relay 0 Buy Now!
Mfr: panasonic
TX-S Relay AgPd contact, STANDARD 0 Buy Now!
Mfr: panasonic
TXS Series 1 A DPDT 4.5 VDC Single Coil Latching Through Hole Signal Relay 0 Buy Now!