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SiC MOSFET Driver for Wolfspeed P# CAS300M17BM2

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Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery as configuration is required for optimized performance based on SiC Mosfet used.

62EM1-Programmable 62mm Electrical Series is optimized for Silicon Carbide (SiC) MOSFET Modules.

The AgileSwitch 62EM1-62mm Electrical driver provides monitoring and fault reporting information to nable better control and analysis of an SiC MOSFET-based power systems. The 62EM1 provides up to 20 Amps of peak current at an operating frequency up to 125 kHz. The driver includes isolated HI and LO Side DC/DC converters and provides 7 fault conditions that are reported as a combination of the 3 fault lines via the 20 pin control header. All AgileSwitch drivers use automotive temperature grade components and allow for modifying settings of gate resistors.

Software Programmable Features
Augmented Turn-OffTM (ATOff) (Patented)
Power supply under-voltage lockout (UVLO)
Power supply over-voltage lockout (OVLO)
Desaturation detection settings
Dead time
Fault lockout settings
Automatic Reset settings
Key Switch Driver Features
UL Complaint - 1200V & 1700V SiC
Temperature Monitoring, PWM
Isolated High Voltage Monitoring, PWM
2 X 10W output power
RoHs compliant
Configurable Gate Output Voltages
Single-ended/Differential Logic (5V, 15V)
7 Unique Fault Conditions
Solar/PV inverters
Wind Turbines
Motor Drives
High Speed Trains/Traction
Induction Welding, Cutting and Heating
Induction Welding, Cutting and Heating
Frequency Conversion

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